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How to reset wordpress website using WP Reset plugin

In this article you will get to know that how you can able to reset your wordpress full website normal back to the default wordpress website with their normal default settings.

Many people have questions in their mind that is it possible to reset the complete website in wordpress and many of them uninstall wordpress from the cpanel then reinstall it to get the default site and default settings back but this is the lengthy process as we will always go to the short process which will save time and can able to learn something new.

You need a simple plugin  to resetting WordPress Website and the plugin is Wp Reset . On your first install of the plugin, just activate it and go to the plugin setting then just leave all the settings as it is and just type reset in the blank box and then click on the reset website option. Your full website will get reset in just few minutes. You will get the pro features of this plugins after purchasing the pro feature and all those pro features are awesome to use and will save a lot of time of yours. In this article I have informed you only about how to reset wordpress website which you can do in a free version of the plugin only.

So top wasting your time here and there and do not re-install the wordpress from cpanel because that was one of the lengthy process for resetting wordpress website, use this method for great time saving work. If you get confused in any of the steps you can just follow the video available below, watch the video I have explained details in that video.


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