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Need a Website ? Should I hire a web designer or web developer?

When you’re planning to create your own website or you need a website, you probably have these thoughts running through your head: Should I hire someone to design and build my website, or should I learn how to do it myself? Hiring an experienced web designer or web developer is the best way to go if you have time constraints, limited coding knowledge, or if your budget doesn’t allow for hiring someone else. However, if you have some experience with web design and development or with other kinds of design programs (like Photoshop), then you may want to consider giving it a try yourself!

What is Web Design vs. Web Development, if Need a Website?

Hiring someone to create your website isn’t as simple as it sounds. You could hire either a web designer or web developer, but what is Web Design vs. Web Development, and how do you decide which one to go with? To get things started, let’s take a look at these two roles separately…

What's a Web Designer

Web designers use graphic and user-interface design skills to develop websites that are easy to navigate and visually pleasing. A great deal of their time is spent on research, planning, designing and testing different styles, layouts and designs. Most web designers will have experience with HTML, CSS and JavaScript coding languages. The good news is that you don’t need any design training to be a web designer — just an interest in making things look good! Want to become a Web Designer?

What's a Web Developer

Web developers are responsible for creating and maintaining websites. To do so, they use several different tools and languages, including HTML (HyperText Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), JavaScript, and PHP. These tools allow them to code for things like interactive elements, advertisements, e-commerce functionality, video embeds, links to social media sites (like Facebook), blogs, RSS feeds and search engine optimization.

How can you find out which one you need?

First off, let’s define what each of these terms means. A web designer focuses on how your website looks and feels, while a web developer concerns himself with how your website is built. Now that we know what each does, we can tackle which one you need for your business! Before starting to develop anything – whether it be wireframes or a complete concept – it is important to have an idea of where you are going.

Can't I do it myself?

Building your own website is an attractive option; after all, it means you can get something up and running fast. But if you don’t have much of a background in building websites, you’re probably better off hiring someone else to do it for you. Good websites are like good houses – they might cost more upfront, but they’ll stand up to years of wear and tear better than their cheaper counterparts.

When do you need them both?

If you’re working on a simple project like building an informational website, it might make sense to take care of both tasks yourself. However, if you want to create an interactive site with e-commerce capability and extensive content management features, it’s wise to work with both web designers and developers. This will ensure that your site will function as efficiently as possible.

Where do you get high-quality content for your site anyway?

There are only two ways to get high-quality content for your site: you can either pay someone to create it, or you can do it yourself. This is why many businesses end up creating their own content—but if you’re busy with other stuff and aren’t good at writing, that might not be an option. So what should you do?

What if my budget is limited, should I go DIY?

If you don’t have much money to spend on your website, go DIY. If, however, you have a substantial budget (over $200/month), you should look into hiring a professional web designer and/or developer.

If you want a website for your business or for any other purpose?

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