How to Design a Logo in Adobe Illustrator

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How to Design a Logo in Adobe Illustrator

See how to design a logo using Adobe Illustrator with these easy-to-follow steps.

STEP ONE : Logo in Adobe Illustrator

Pick a Logo Size for your brand. When deciding on which size of logo you want, there are several factors that must be taken into consideration. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself, What purpose will my logo serve? If your business sells products online or prints materials out in large quantities, you probably want to use larger logos. For websites and social media sites, smaller logos work best because they can be scaled down as needed and don’t take up much room on smaller screens. Identify your target market and how they interact with business through digital mediums such as mobile phones and tablets and pick one that will fit well for them. Keep these important factors at mind when making your decision about sizing.

STEP TWO : Logo in Adobe Illustrator

ASSEMBLE YOUR CREATIVE TEAM – The second step to creating a great logo is getting feedback from friends, family and even strangers about which design(s) you should use for your new brand. I cannot stress enough how important it is to get outside opinions on what you’re designing before you finalize anything. Word of mouth marketing is still extremely effective so use that to your advantage and put together an inexpensive poll or survey with 20 different logo designs for people around town (or all over world) to give you their honest opinion on which one they like best. Most of us are used to designing our own logos, but when it comes time for people outside of our creative field (think clients, investors, potential customers) they need something more professional looking.


DESIGN. The design phase is where you put pen to paper and start creating your logo. There are no guidelines or tips here other than that if you feel stuck, step away from your work, grab a cup of coffee, and then come back later with fresh eyes. Here’s an example of how my process usually goes


Customize your post. Do you have more design, business or software development knowledge? Make sure to add these details! This will make it more likely for your post to be picked up by your target audience. Keep them in mind when writing, but don’t get too crazy: no one likes a sales-pitch. You want honest, helpful content—and that doesn’t always mean that you should stick with your comfort zone (but it can help). Write with authenticity and clarity.


Pick your words for each section and write down an outline for your post. Use these outline notes as a guide, don’t feel like you have to follow it word-for-word or put everything into each part. This is just meant as a checklist of sorts, help keep track of what you need covered. Feel free to add more sections if they help you when writing your post.


REVISE. REVISE. REVISE…I can’t stress how important it is to revise and edit your draft. The majority of books (and blogs) out there on writing teach you about coming up with an idea, researching it, and then finally getting down to writing it. After that, they tell you one or two ways to polish up your final piece so it looks good when you publish or share it online.

Wrap Up

In today’s post we discussed how to use synonyms and antonyms in order to create top-of-the-funnel content.

Check my designed : LOGO SAMPLE

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