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This tutorial will show you how to Create Business Email & Connect to Gmail.

Before creating your email account, there are a few things you need to know. First, the name of your business cannot include any spaces or special characters. You can use letters, numbers or underscores but nothing else. This is because email addresses are case sensitive. The second thing to create a business email that you must have a website or a company name. Third thing that in this article I have shown the way for those you have a hosting account Business Email.

Firstly you have to login to your c-panel and then go to your Email section then you have to create an email followed by your domian name. Suppose your website is so your email should be or etc. Then put a strong password, your business email will be created.

After creating your business email,  login to your business emai you must receive and email from the authorities that will be an configuration email. 

Second Part of this article

Now open a new tab on your browser and open Gmail then login to your Gmail account. Now to to the setting then account tab then you can see the option as send email as on that section click on add email now enter your brand new business email, their password then Enter the PORT no that will be provided you to that business emial configutaion mail which you were received on reating your business email. That PORT no. will be from Outgoing Server.
After entering your port no, click on net, an OTP will be received on your business email, enter that OTP your Outgoing server of your business email will now be  connected to your Gmail Account successfully.

Now you will see an another section on your gmail setting named as Check email as go there and click on Add Email, then again enter your brand new business email, their password and the PORT no from that confugutaion email now enter the port no from the Incoming Server section then click on net and add account. Your Incoming server wil now be connected to the Gmail account successfully.


So, this is how you can Create Business Email & Connect to Gmail. That’s it for this article check the full video below to understand the depth of this.




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